Journey Into Submission
By Claudia McRay
Mar 3, 2004 - 10:36:00 PM

Kate Johnson has agreed to house sit for friends and plans to use this time to decide whether or not life is worth living.  For a few days she just coasts along reliving some of her past.  She remembers her first Master, Paul.  She was constantly in trouble at school.  Paul chose to discipline her in a way that her mannerisms cried that she be disciplined.  Without violence, Paul takes Kate through the steps that will make her see what she really wants from life which, in turn, will mold Kate into the person she was meant to be.  Kate becomes the perfect submissive to Paul and life is good until her father discovers the relationship she has with Paul.  Paul loses his position at the school and Kate is sent away to live with relatives. 

As she goes over her life, she refers to the diary Paul kept for her during their time together.  In the time since she and Paul were together, Kate has had no other Master, her marriage dissolved and she was left floundering in life.  She dated but never felt wanted.  She has a job as a nurse, but her life has no real direction or substance.


A friend told her about "Rose", a chat site.  Kate goes into the chat room and as she attempts to work her way through the site, someone named Miles takes an interest in her and shows her how to maneuver the life-like people.  Over a period of time, Kate and Miles become close in their on-line relationship; they share personal information about one another.


Miles is an older man who readily admits to many cyber relationships; however, he is at a point in his life where he wants stability and a relationship that will last.  Miles and his wife are at an impasse; she has her life, he has his life.


Kate's phone rings one night and it is Miles.  The phone calls become more frequent and longer each time they speak.  They decide that it is time to meet.  The conversations turn to trying a living arrangement as a couple.  Miles makes plans to move to her. 


Miles will be here in two days time and Kate is beside herself with things to do and worrying about what they'll think of one another.  Kate is attacked in her own home.  The person who attacks Kate wants her to know that he can get to her and use her anytime he wants and she will be readily available to give in to his every desire.


The attack puts a strain on the newly found relationship that Kate and Miles are trying to work out.  Over a period of time, as Miles comes to understand her, Kate tells him about the attack, her automatic response of cooperation.  Miles assures Kate that she did what she was trained to do and it has nothing to do with their life as a couple.  He assures her that he will do what needs to be done to find the culprit.


Read the story of Kate and Miles.  Share in their love, their games and their way of dealing with the unpleasantness of the attack.  Be there with them as her parents and brother come to visit for the first time.  Find out why her father doesn't take to Miles at first.  Enjoy the outing they have with her closest friends.  Most of all, watch a tentative relationship unfold into a beautiful and lasting love.


The gentleman who writes as Khul Waters has written a graphic account of a young woman as she journeys into a life of submission.  What he has written is quite sensual and highly erotic.  He makes you understand that a woman can enter this particular type of lifestyle without giving up her identity.  She and her Master become as one in their love and their life.  The story keeps your attention and gives you a better understanding of the lifestyle that is love at its best.  He writes with a lovely sense of humor and his witticisms will have you laughing out loud when you least expect it.


I highly recommend JOURNEY INTO SUBMISSION and look forward to his next endeavor.

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