Journey's Sweetness
By Natalie S.
Jul 1, 2010 - 5:06:58 PM

Journey is working in the family restaurant when Tyler Ross comes in to eat.  Their attraction is instantaneous, and despite her older sister’s snide comments, she and Tyler meet and spend time together whenever she can get away.  After Journey and Tyler spend an explosive night together, he finds out he has been deployed.  Vowing to write to Journey and promising to return to her, Tyler leaves for Desert Storm.  In a matter of weeks, Journey finds out she is expecting Tyler’s baby but is unable to find him.  He isn’t answering her letters, nor is he writing her any like he promised.  It is as if he has disappeared off the face of the Earth.  And so Journey settles in to become an unwed mother.

Tyler Ross fell head over heels in love with innocent Journey.  Being called to duty and shipped out to war breaks his heart, but he believes and trusts in Journey’s promises of love.  Fate plays a horrible joke when Tyler is injured and wakes up with parts of his memory gone and most of his past forgotten.  There is one memory in his brain of such intense feelings, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t remember.  And then he sees the woman of his dreams and his memories slowly come flooding back.  But the woman he remembers is not the woman he sees at this moment – this woman hates him. 


The saga of Journey and Tyler’s love story is filled with lies and mishaps.  Without a doubt the powers that be did not want these perfectly matched lovers to be together.  I am so glad they persevered because the love they felt for each other does not happen very often. 


JOURNEY’S SWEETNESS is a sensual and satisfying read.  Often intense and somewhat suspenseful, I didn’t guess the ‘bad’ guy until the very end.  JOURNEY’S SWEETNESS soothed my romance loving soul, and I have never been happier to see two characters finally become a couple in all my life!  The culmination of Journey and Tyler’s struggles to be together made this novel exquisite.  I think R.K. Cleversy needs to write another book because I have become an instant fan!

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