Author: Adelle Laudan

Publisher: Forbidden Publications

Release Date: November 11, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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As a young woman, Juliana believed that she had discovered love. Entering into an early marriage, she soon discovers that her husband is not all he seems. More monster than man, Gary causes Juliana to lose all sense of her self worth and confidence. Trapped and abused beyond belief, Juliana believes that her only escape will come in the form of her own death. That is, until one night, a police officer arrives with the news that her husband has been killed. 

Contacting her beloved sister, Cyndi, Juliana finds a welcome that she had never dreamt possible. Slowly but surely, with her family’s love and protection, as well as the healing powers of Reike, Juliana takes her first faltering steps towards recovery. With her confidence growing day by day, Juliana embarks upon a slow and painful road to rediscovery. With her new life, comes a new home and the most beautiful and enchanting garden that Juliana has ever seen. As the garden grows and blossoms, so too does our remarkable and courageous heroine. Love interests for Juliana come in the form of two very different men; the protective and masculine David and the sensual and spiritual Jonathon. Both offer her very different things, at a time in her life, when Juliana needs both physical protection and spiritual guidance. But can either of these men capture the heart and soul of this very special woman?  


From the very beginning of this book, I found myself enthralled by Juliana’s story. Ms. Laudan writes with an amazing depth of emotion, which compels the reader to absorb this tale in one sitting. It is truly amazing to watch the transformation of the shattered Juliana, as she grows to be a confident and inspirational figure. I found JULIANA to be beautiful on so many levels, from the heroine’s strength of character to the delightful and detailed descriptions of her garden. This is a most compelling and heartfelt story, written by a woman who captures the reader’s imagination as soon as she reads the first paragraph. Praise indeed for Ms. Laudan, who tackles this delicate subject matter with tact, understanding and love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Deborah Kimpton

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