Jungle Fever
By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 11:07:00 AM

Ashleen is going into the jungle to look for her brother and only one man can help her, Bridger.  She never expects the strong attraction she feels for him, but in a steamy jungle she has to rely on him to keep her alive and find her missing brother.  Will two opposites give in to the ultimate desire in the depths of the tropical Amazon jungle?

Bridger likes his life as a solider and doesn't plan to leave it any time soon.  Ashleen comes to him and he can't resist her plea for help in finding her brother.  He knows he should keep things strictly business, but he is drawn to her in ways he can't understand.  Will he change his outlook after being with her in the midst of danger?


JUNGLE FEVER is a quickie ebook and will be over with before you know it, but the story is so good you feel like you have read a full-length book.  This tale has the perfect setting, a hot steamy jungle, and two people who are really attracted to each other.  The love scenes are full of heat and sensuality; it's a wonder the jungle doesn't catch on fire.  Bridger is the tough and rough military man who has a dangerous air about him.  Ashleen is a courageous woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to find her brother.  Denise Agnew is known for her awesome plots and creative characters; this book is no exception and proves once again what a terrific writer she is.



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