Just Say Yes - A Strictly Business Novel
By Michele Rioli
Feb 9, 2016 - 10:52:33 AM

Look out world, here she comes! Quinn Sawyer, an attractive young thing, is embarking on a mission to conquer her sagging confidence and insecurities. She is doing something unconventional, thereby hoping to snag a promotion at her magazine job after her boss challenges her to write an article. When Tim Jacobs chats up thoughtful-looking Quinn at his brother’s party, she confides in him about her assignment at work. She shares with him, her idea to write about her beige, bland life while revving it up with gutsy challenges, including some personal touches. Quinn has a light bulb moment, since she is altering her unexciting life for her article; she wants a daredevil man, instead of her typical, the guy-next-door type. Tim might just be the ticket! Actually, Tim is secretly happy, because he has had a crush on Quinn, like in forever! So, to help her meet her objectives, he gladly volunteers. Cha-ching, score one for the big guy!

Tim Jacobs is a risky, rakish rogue. He intends to help Quinn with her job for better or worse. He is devilishly handsome and down-to-earth but he comes with a dodgy history after doing several stints in a rehab center for drugs and is a recovering alcoholic. He has been sober for a number of years now. Plus, he is an executive chef at a fancy restaurant. So, with his life back on track, hopefully, Quinn will be good medicine for him. However, the real question is; is he good enough for her? When they are together, they ignite sparks in spades. But, is it enough?

Root, root, for the team of Quinn and Tim! They are wonderful together in Ms. Hayley’s new novel, JUST SAY YES. After meeting them in her first novel in the STRICTLY BUSINESS series, it is fantastic that Quinn and Tim get their own story. The author does a brilliant job of painting loneliness and mystery in Tim’s life as he deals with many hard issues. Quinn adds an unexpected element of risk as together she and Tim face emotional issues dealing with insecurities, shyness and honesty. They both come into their own triumphs, as their list of challenges grows, paved with bumps and trials they each must face. Many aha moments abound in this story. It is fun to see them both develop strength of character as they each face one courageous challenge after another. There is incredible sensuality, which is crazy hot between Tim and Quinn. What do their friends and family think of their friendship and budding relationship? There are fabulous secondary characters, which add flair to the whole affair! I just love Ms. Hayley’s one-liners and thought provoking sentences, genius! Let’s just say, you have to read this and quick! JUST SAY YES is spontaneous, spunky and sophisticated. A powerful story with an emotional punch to the gut!

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