Just a Summer Fling - Lake Sullivan #1
By Jo
Aug 5, 2015 - 12:30:27 AM

Cameron's JUST A SUMMER FLING is a new series set in Vermont but also in Hollywood.  My emotions are engaged throughout and the description of the land, the lake, the stream, the horses and the town are vividly described

JUST A SUMMER FLING (LAKE SULLIVAN #1) has Jasmine, a longtime summer resident, making a dare with Ashley, a guest at her home, involving Josh, a local handyman, that takes care of the summer places but also some of the summer women.  Things go downhill from there since Josh Sullivan has been trying to turn over a new leaf and distance himself from Jasmine and she wants no part of that distance and keeps insinuating herself in his life - never mind that she has a husband who is a powerful force not only in Hollywood but at the lake.  As the story progresses we get to know the real Ashley, not the actress, but Jasmine is always butting in where she's not wanted and things really get ugly.  Watching Josh and Ashley try to figure out their feelings for one another when their backgrounds are so different was sometimes heartwarming and other times heartbreaking.  It's a painstakingly slow process especially when Josh has his pride, lots of family surrounding him and Jasmine's threats always hanging over his head. Throw in his cousin, Kevin, who is always up for a good time and only works with Josh when he needs some cash and Ashley's best friend and fellow actress, Charlotte, and things can get playful.  There was heartache, tears, fear, injuries, threats, different lifestyles, anger, lies, laughter, happiness, hard work, friends and family, lots of loving and love along with long talks and dreams shared.  There is an unexpected happily ever after but an epilogue would have been nice.  I hope to see how their lives play out in future books in this series.

Cameron is a new to me author and I look forward to reading BOOK 2 in the LAKE SULLIVAN SERIES, HOMETOWN HERO.  There was an excerpt in the back of this book that only left me wanting more!

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