Just the Way You Are
By Jo
Feb 15, 2015 - 1:24:16 PM

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE has brother pitted against brother for Mary Beth's love and heart. Bobby Joe and Parr are nothing alike in their temperament, their work ethic and how they act around or treat women. Throw in that her dad and his mom have started dating since they've known each other many years and both are widowed and the fur really flies from all the pressure.

Barton's JUST THE WAY YOU ARE seems to go around and around telling the same story and for one reason or another Mary Beth can never decide if she and Bobby Joe should remain engaged or break it off. There is no chemistry between them even though they are engaged and we first meet up with them at their engagement party. Enter Parr, who doesn't know who she is, and their chemistry is immediate. Watching them fight their attraction at times but other times want to test the waters just confuses good girl Mary Beth even more. The characters are not well developed and all have flaws but we don't delve deep enough. The storyline stops and starts with the same arguments over and over again whether it be about love, how Bobby Joe is treating Mary Beth, how Parr is more successful than his brother in business but how Parr should still have an open checkbook to help Bobby Joe out each time help is needed with his business of the moment. The epilogue gave us a hint of a happily ever after but was way too abrupt since we had just seen how Bobby Joe and Parr resolved their issues of who will win the girl. There was a lot of frustrations, anger, hurt, subterfuge, lies, tears and confusion that hid some of the happiness that was trying to get through.

Barton although deceased is a new to me author. I understand that this was an earlier book of hers that was found after her death and was not as well developed as her currently published books. I will look for some of her more recent books to see if there is better character and story development and closure.

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