Just Desserts
By Connie Spears
May 9, 2006 - 8:55:00 AM

Marilyn Mason O'Malley is an editor for her father and uncle's publishing house. She was so frustrated with one of her authors she could just about strangle him! Marilyn had a cooking contest to pull together and she had to convince one author in particular to enter. How hard could that be?

As she talks to Jack Delacroix she noticed that his voice was soothing and stimulating. But she couldn't dwell on what his voice was doing to her; she was on a mission with trying to talk Jack into entering the contest. Larabee Industries was their biggest sponsor, if Jack didn't enter the contest Larabee would pull their money, everything, away from the publishing house. The last thing Jack wanted to do was enter a cooking contest, besides he already made a previous commitment with his families' business.

Jack was just about to hang up from a call when he heard her calling to him, which made him smile. She knew she had her work cut out for her the second she walked into the room. She needed a brainstorm and in a hurry if she was going to convince Jack to enter the contest. She had to hold her impression of Jack deep down inside or she'd blow the only chance of getting him to the contest. She could think he was an insufferable pompous ass all she wanted, so long as she didn't show him that's what she was thinking! Easier said than done though because the first thing she spots in his office is his latest book; This Won't Hurt A Bit, which instantly brought all of opinions of him front and center. She needed to pull it together and soon!

Marilyn decided that if the author wouldn't come to the contest, well, the contest will go to the author. She was going to make it happen and she didn't care what she had to do, to do just that! She changes schedules, buys a plane ticket, and tightens all the loose ends and finally, her plan is in motion and turning into reality the second she fastens her seatbelt on the plane. She was seated next to the most marvelous man and during the flight and they spend time getting to know each other.

JUST DESSERTS by Lyn Cash is steamy sexy! Recipes galore, that are prepared for the perfect relationship ever between two people, Jack and Marilyn. Ms. Cash is cooking up a storm in the kitchen with this book, and in the bedroom as well! Things are going to get scolding hot and very sticky! I'm definitely recommending this book. And an added bonus, there are actual recipes that you can try in JUST DESSERTS!

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