Just Desserts - a sexy trilogy of revenge
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 11, 2011 - 9:49:00 AM

Join in the fun as Donna, Jade, and Grace discover that falling in love is more fun with your best friends at your side for the good times and to help plot how best to get even.


Donna Angelo thinks nothing of going out of her way to help a friend in need. When her good friend Jade suspects her boyfriend of cheating, the two friends stake out his apartment with the hope of finding out why he’s been secretive lately and canceling dates.

Sam Smith is a former police officer turned private investigator who lives in the same building as Jade’s boyfriend. He briefly met Donna and Jade when they tried eavesdropping through his neighbor’s door. While Jade is far too Barbie dollish for him, Donna’s sass and body type is just perfect.

The stakeout proves to be a wasted effort. Jade still doesn’t know if her boyfriend, Daniel, is cheating on her, but she’s determined to find out one way or another. Donna volunteers to use the internet to research private investigators and discover a way to bug his apartment. The last thing she expects is for the private investigator she contacts to be the very same man who’d busted them with their ears to Daniel’s door.

I absolutely loved the quirky way the romance works out in this story. Sam is a real sweetheart that any woman would adore even if he is technologically challenged. There’s no shortage of excitement as he rescues the trio of friends from a dangerous situation and ends up as their hero and wins Donna’s heart.


Jade’s been dating Daniel for eight months. When he suddenly starts working later, canceling dates, and becoming secretive, Jade is suspicious that he’s cheating on her. Now she has proof that he’s been meeting another woman. Depressing as the whole situation is, she can’t bring herself to confront him.

Daniel adores Jade and is planning a huge surprise for her. It’s taken time, a lot of work, and additional help to get it all set up, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. He has no idea about Jade’s suspicions or her fears, especially since when they do see each other she acts like everything is normal between them.

Jade’s friend Donna insists that she snap out of her funk and confront Daniel about her suspicions as soon as possible. Jade reasons that she can’t talk to him about them that evening because he’s working late again. Grace suggests she go and confront him at work - after all if he isn’t there working then she’ll have proof that he’s lying. After much debate Jade, Donna, and Grace sneak into his office building where Daniel is thrilled to see Jade. In fact, he decides to quit what he’s working on for the night to spend time with her. After he tells Jade to meet him at his place, he immediately gets a phone call and arranges to meet with another woman. Unfortunately, after Jade sees them together and jumps to conclusions, she decides a little revenge is definitely in order.

This story is an emotional read and while I felt bad for Jade, I also felt that she could have saved herself a lot of heartache by just confronting Daniel with her suspicions. I found great humor in this story, especially when the trio decides to try to pull Sam into their plotting. His horror at the whole situation is just priceless. 


Being the only one in her small group of friends without a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day is quite depressing for Grace. She wants a man of her own - is that really too much to ask? Maybe not if the small gifts, sexy emails, and instant messages from a secret admirer that have suddenly started appearing are anything to go by.

Grace’s secret admirer works in her office but keeps a low profile due to the nature of his job and his shyness. His name is Jordan Washington and he’s been in love with Grace since he first saw her. He’s made the decision that this Valentine’s Day he’s going to put it all on the line and pray she doesn’t reject him.

Grace is loving the flirtation games and gifts that her secret admirer sends. The anticipation and excitement of never knowing what he’ll send or say next is almost too much for her, but he promises that they will meet face-to-face in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s when another coworker steps in and tries taking credit for all Jordan’s loving gifts and emails that Grace and Jordan join forces to teach Guy a lesson about his dirty little games that he won’t soon forget.

While I loved all three stories in this trilogy, I do believe SAVING GRACE is my favorite. There’s just something so sweet and hot about the way Jordan goes about his seduction of Grace that I fell in love with him. Once Grace hatches a revenge plot against Guy for his deception and Jordan adds to it in ways that are just too hysterical for words, I just knew these two were made for each other.

Cat Johnson’s release JUST DESSERTS is one book that readers are sure to love. I could easily imagine each of these characters as a friend and knew that I would miss them when I reached the last page. The stories build off one another so that you’re able to see how the men brave enough to fall in love with one of these women and fit into their close net group. Cat Johnson just keeps getting better with each new book! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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