Just Desserts
By Scarlet
Mar 21, 2008 - 4:48:11 PM

Tommy Stiles is an aging rock star who wants to meet the young woman who may be one of his daughters.  His attorney, Finn Rafferty, has been commissioned to write up a prenuptial agreement with Tommy and his current paramour.  In the course of this assignment he stumbles across divorcee, Hayley Goldstein, who happens to own a bakery.  Tommy has a cake designed as a drum for a benefit concert, but also as a ruse to meet the young woman who may be an unknown daughter. 

Hayley is no fool; she knows there is more to the story of a famous rock star wanting her to design a cake. She spent ten years hardening her heart in a less than perfect marriage.  She does not blithely believe the story big shot attorney, Finn Rafferty tells. She and her young daughter, Elizabeth, are doing just fine on their own, but Finn brings out feelings in Hayley she thought died with her marriage. When the deception comes out, will Finn be able to win Hayley back or will she chalk up another bad relationship to her history?


I was fascinated from the first moment of this story and welcomed Hayley and Finn into my heart.  The cleverly written domestic drama of Tommy and his multitude of wives, lovers and children made for some entertaining reading and a few funny moments as well.  I felt an affinity with Hayley and her trust issues and wished the road to happily ever after could have been a little smoother, but then life is not like that, is it?  The love and devotion to her daughter are admirable.  Finn is a charming and sexy man, fulfilling the role of hero very well.  He is smart, funny, caring and passionate.  His genuine affection for Hayley and Elizabeth is heartwarming and realistically portrayed. JUST DESSERTS will truly satisfy the hardest hearts. You cannot go wrong with a novel by Barbara Bretton. She knows how to capture the hearts of readers with familial conflict, crisp dialogue, engaging characters and clever plotting.

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