Just Like Heaven

Author: Barbara Bretton

Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Release Date: February 27,2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Kate French is a divorced woman with a professional demeanor and not a romantic bone in her body. Kate also owns a fabulous antique shop, French Kiss. Maeve, her mom, decides it is time Kate brings some passion back into her life. Maeve happily presents Kate, with a beautiful skinny red thong at her birthday party. Kate shoves the thong in her lingerie drawer after the party with the hopes of never looking at the dreaded red scrap of material again.

Mark Kerry, a priest and widower, has just sold his house. Mark hopes that by moving back home to New Hampshire, he can get his life back on track. Suzanne, his precious, young wife, has passed on. Mark feels the pain deeply. The bottle becomes a good friend to him. Mark is secretly glad that Suzanne can not see what he has become, a drunk and lonely man.

Barbara Bretton tells a story of two complete strangers, who meet under an unusual set of circumstances. Kate is running late for an appointment. In her haste to get dressed, throws on a clean pair of, um, the red thong, and out the door she runs. Numerous telephone calls from her daughter, secretary, her business associates, her best friend Paul, and her mom, put Kate on edge as she drives frantically to get to her appointment on time. Everyone asks her if she is feeling all right and says that she does not sound like herself. Kate scolds everyone that she is just fine. She just needs some rest after her business dealings are finished. A higher power unbeknownst to Kate is shaping her future at this very minute. Suddenly Kate feels ill and pulls over to get something to eat. What happens next is the catalyst that sets the whole story in motion. Yes, someone sees her in the red thong.

JUST LIKE HEAVEN begins with an emotional punch. I was crying by the end of the first chapter. The story is top notch in plot and form. The relationship between Kate and her mom is defined in such realistic terms by Barbara that I found myself mentally comparing my own relationship with my mom. The bond between Kate and her daughter, Gwynn, is very strong. Barbara had me laughing at the antics between them. Kate discovers romance in an extraordinary way. Barbara does a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for the romance to blossom between the two main characters, Kate and Mark. Mark is a charming, handsome man with a sensitive side. Barbara weaves a wonderful tale of romance, deep hidden emotions, and family relationships. The story is so emotionally charged that it is definitely a three Kleenex story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele

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