(Just Like) Starting Over
By jhayboy
Sep 1, 2008 - 9:47:47 AM

Guillermo “Guy” Rivera, wakes up after an accident that leaves him with short term memory loss and finds himself with a caregiver that he wants to get closer to. Having no idea of their past relationship, he naturally acts on the attraction he feels for his caregiver. When he finds out that a lover was with him in the accident, he makes an instant decision - go with your heart. 

Dane Mathis broke up with his long time boyfriend six months ago, only to find himself now his main caretaker after a serious accident that leaves him not only with amnesia but also in a wheelchair. When the attraction that has always been between them becomes an issue, he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave Guy’s care to someone else.

Can past differences be overcome, and will both men realize what they have before it’s too late? 

In usual Espinoza style, she has given us a story of love lost and found. (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER is a story filled with heart, with characters that realize the meaning of not only love, but also accepting loved ones for the best and the worst of themselves.

Both men are likable, with strength and determination their biggest assets. Dane’s unselfishness in wanting to do anything to make is Guillermo happy is absolutely fantastic. Even with amnesia, the love that Guy has for Dane cannot be denied.

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