Just Like That (The Bradfords, Book 2)
By Jo
Oct 1, 2013 - 6:00:14 PM

JUST LIKE THAT, THE BRADFORD SERIES, BOOK 2, drew me in immediately.  The premise of the storyline is definitely on the steamy side but there's lots of family and good friends along with a wonderful storyline that held my interest and I didn't want to put it down.

Nicholas' JUST LIKE THAT is a quick reading contemporary romance that I couldn't put down once I started it.  Even though I haven't read JUST RIGHT book one in the series yet I was given enough background on the characters that I felt I knew them and didn't find any gaps.  There were so many different storylines going on that tied nicely together much of it taking place at the hospital where most of them worked. Danika or Dani and Sam had chemistry from the moment they were set up and it sizzled throughout.  Watching the interactions of all the characters - whether family or friends - was wonderful and much of it had a playfulness about it even if they were picking on one another or giving one of them grief for some reason.  There was lots of romance and love but also sadness, tears, happiness, laughter, friendships, jobs and good deeds throughout.  There was a nice happily ever after that brought great closure but I know we'll be reunited with Dani, Sam, Mac, Sara, Jessica and Ben plus all the others when the series continues and I for one can't wait!  

I have not read books by Nicholas before but her books are definitely being added to my TBR pile - not only THE BRADFORD SERIES but her other books too.  Next up for me is JUST MY TYPE, BOOK 3.

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