Just One Kiss
By Dottie
Apr 13, 2012 - 10:32:26 PM

Angela Loukas is still trying to get over her divorce, which took place three years ago. The marriage had seemed to be a dream for nine months and then it became nightmarish. Her ex, who is from a wealthy family, married her to defy his parents. When the novelty wore off, he left Angela for one of his kind. So far, she has been unable to get on with her dating life and has kept busy with her business. After college, she and four of her college friends purchased a building large enough to house their five businesses and six apartments, one for each of them with the sixth being their mutual space. Since each of their businesses appeal to a different sense, they have given the collection of businesses the name Come to Your Senses. On her honeymoon, they had gone to Europe, where she visited the various bakeries. Now she tries to reproduce these luscious pastries in her bakery, hoping to concentrate on those although she also sells regular items, like bread, cookies and cupcakes. Everyone applauds her regular items, but she longs to be a success with her pastries, which have a more sophisticated, continental taste. However, it seems that she is the only one who likes her pastries.

Daniel Flynn came from a dysfunctional family, but meeting Kate had changed his life. They had been engaged to marry, but she died eighteen months ago. On her deathbed, she had made him promise that he would not date anyone until after their wedding date. So far, he has kept that promise, but he still has six months to go. His roommate, Jake, never really cared for Kate and has been trying to get him to date again, citing how unfair her request had been. But Daniel has not wanted to hear it. On what would have been her latest birthday, he goes to the bakery to get white on white cupcakes, the kind she liked, although his favorite is chocolate.


Angela has never been attracted to a guy the way that she is attracted to Daniel…not even her ex. She can see the wounded look in his eyes and cannot believe the promise that his deceased fiancée forced on him. She is determined to bring him back to the world of the living and get herself back out into the dating world at the same time. But all it takes is JUST ONE KISS and she knows she could fall hard for this guy. Should she call a halt to any further time with Daniel to keep from getting hurt again or take a chance on winning the love of her life?


A fun, sexy read, JUST ONE KISS, the first book in author Isabel Sharpe’s FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS trilogy, is a sizzling hot, witty contemporary romance that I completely enjoyed. The wordplay between Daniel and Angela will leave you laughing out loud and the chemistry is explosive. Daniel and Angela are the walking wounded when it comes to their love lives, but together they are a match made in heaven. The businesses in the Come to Your Senses building each touch on a different sense. There is Angela, a baker for taste, Bonnie, a florist for smell, Seth, a musician for hearing, Jack, a photographer for seeing and Demi, a physical therapist for feeling. This story also touches on the romance between Angela’s two friends who have businesses in the same building; Seth and Bonnie. I hope Ms. Sharpe writes a book about them. Filled with angst, humor, promises, divorce, passionate love scenes, romance and true love, this book is a winner. I look forward to reading the next book in this delectable series. In the meantime, do not miss JUST ONE KISS! I highly recommend it!


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