Just One Look
By Cat Cody
Mar 5, 2007 - 7:40:00 AM

NYPD ballistics expert Warren Vitalis is all about protecting the innocent. Even though his expertise has tied him to a desk, he still “patrols” his neighborhood and keeps his eyes open for trouble. On one such patrol he finds trouble all right-- in more ways than one. After hearing a shot fired, Warren rushes into a ground floor apartment to find a scantily dressed and terrified Tabitha still reeling from nearly getting shot. One look at the redheaded bombshell and Warren is the one sent reeling.

Tabitha is used to being half naked in front of people, at least at work. Being a body double is a long way from working behind the camera, but since her ex-husband blackballed her, it’s the only work she can get. One look from Warren’s blue eyes and she feels more exposed than when she’s doing a shower scene. Feelings she’d thought long dead flare to life faster than you can say “action!”


As Warren tries to figure out who’s behind the attempt on Tabitha’s life, he can’t help but feel the attraction zinging between them. But is he risking a job he loves by taking her case a little too personally? And with all the emotional baggage between them, is there any hope that the attraction could lead to something more?


Once you pick up Joanne Rock’s latest read, you’ll want more than JUST ONE LOOK. This book has it all, fast paced action, sizzling love scenes, a hero to die for and a heroine who pulls at your heart strings. With a mix of dangerous excitement and flaming passion, JUST ONE LOOK is sure to remain on your keeper shelf. I’m reserving a special place on mine for it. 

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