Just One Night
By Phyllis Ingram
Jun 1, 2005 - 12:49:00 PM

Dr. Honey Calabrese's first patient is R.J., Roarke's seven-year-old son who was bitten by a bug. She bandages him and R.J. falls in love.  He prays at night to his mother, who had died in childbirth, to send a mommy to him and Roarke.  Roarke glares at her because for some reason her perfume and natural smell makes his body react and that is definitely not good.  He badgers her and she gives him a good argument back and he gets aroused.  That's not good.  Roarke gives her direction to the house the town is letting her stay rent-free.  She is extremely pleased with this "dream house" and barn only to find out that it belongs to Roarke.  Three hundred sixty-four days and counting.

Roarke Sullivan, a certified EMT, is working on an air medical helicopter he wanted the town of Garden to buy for quite a while.  He even took a good chunk of money from his own pocket.  Garden was going to have an air rescue unit to go along with its volunteer fire department.  Total cost of the helicopter was three hundred, forty-five thousand U.S. dollars. The first choice of doctor for the people of Garden was more interested in lowering his golf score.  Now Roarke and Garden are stuck with a second choice, a woman from New York City, Dr. Honey Calabrese.


When Dr. Honey Calabrese reports for work early the next morning, she is very shocked to see so many cars at the clinic.  She thinks it's a welcoming ceremony, but Boy is she wrong. People are glad to see a doctor in town, even if they only have to be treated for boils.  Before she knows it, it's two o'clock and she has not had anything to eat since she left her house.  She's exhausted and puts her head on the desk for five minutes and who walks in a catches her sleep but Roarke.  Not good, but he's being a good Samaritan and brings her fast food for lunch, and Honey dives in with gusto. Roarke gets aroused seeing Honey lick catsup from her finger.  Because she fascinates him, he has to try to disagree with her since he knows she will only stay in town because she has to.  Roarke proceeds to tell her that office work is only part of her job.  She has to make rural calls as quite a few people cannot get into town. She has a pregnant patient who adores her.


Honey does her job, maybe too well.  People in town absolutely love her, and so does RJ.  Roarke does not like this at all. 


Honey ends up bringing her grandmother to Garden as Grandma's apartment will be turned into condos and she cannot afford to stay in New York.  Grandma Thelma loves the town and tries to get a job there to help Honey with the money problems.  Roarke's mother hears about Thelma and is interested in meeting her and then the fun begins. 


JUST ONE NIGHT by Karen Troxel is absolutely wonderful.  It has sultry sex, comedy and it tugged at my heartstrings.  I loved the way it showed the strong woman, I loved the way it showed the jealous man, I loved the way it showed families sticking together through happy times and especially through times of trouble.  JUST ONE NIGHT will make you laugh, and make you cry.  It shows everything and I definitely will look for more stories by Karen Troxel.  Thank you, Karen. 

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