Just One Night
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 3, 2013 - 1:57:52 PM

Micah’s frustration level has hit an all-time high.  It’s not bad enough that she’s in love with her best friend Tomas but since becoming his roommate she’s been subjected to his coming home at all hours of the day and night after being with any number of women in town.  He doesn’t even know that she’s  a desirable female and certainly isn’t aware that his actions are breaking her heart.  Moving back in with her parents isn’t an option so the only other thing she can do is get a social life and hopefully she can find a man who’ll make her forget all about her long denied desire for Tomas.

Tomas is well aware of Micah’s existence – how could he ever forget her when she’s the epitome of womanhood to him.  The trouble is that he knows he’s not good enough for her, his foster-mother made sure he was aware of that fact growing up and he’s never forgotten it.  Since her falling out with her parents Micah’s moved in with him so he works even longer hours or finds other reasons to be away from home so that he won’t have to pretend that he’s not affected by her mere presence.


Just to prove that she’s not a pathetic homebody Micah goes out for an evening of drinking and dancing with her friend Renee.  She never thought Tomas would show up in the same bar but then his condescending attitude gets on her nerves and she does the unthinkable – and gets drunk.  The only upside to the whole situation is Tomas is there to save her from her own folly and take her home.  Of course by then the liquid courage has taken effect and she propositions him for JUST ONE NIGHT in his bed.  It’s an offer he’s originally able to turn down because she is intoxicated, but when he finds her in his bedroom looking like a pinup doll there’s simply no turning back.


JUST ONE NIGHT by Chloe Cole is a fun sexy read with no shortage of misunderstandings, a drunken argument that leads to an ah-ha moment and a single night of scorching hot sex.  That’s just the beginning of the dramatic unfolding of the evolving status of Tomas and Micah’s relationship.  The chemistry between them is undeniable from the very beginning of this story but as you read you notice the emotional undercurrent from holding back their love for each other all those years.  Ms. Cole uses the perfect blend of take charge BDSM moments with a loving friendship to create a storyline that will tease and tempt its way into your heart.



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