Just One Wish

Author: Janette Rallison

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile

Release Date: March 5, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Annika Truman’s six-year-old brother, Jeremy, has cancer. Annika wants him to live, wants to see him grow up but the odds are against him. When Annika tells Jeremy that a genie is going to grant him two wishes, Jeremy immediately wishes to meet Robin Hood, the hero of his favorite TV show, Teen Robin Hood. This is definitely not an easy wish to grant, but Annika is determined to see it through. So determined in fact, that she hightails it from her Nevada home with her best friend Madison on a road trip to California to convince teen actor Steve Raleigh to meet her brother.

Of course, this is much easier said than done and getting close to super popular actor Steve is proving to be harder than Annika could have ever imagined. But with her brother’s surgery coming up, and his hopes down, Annika is determined to make his wish come true. But if she does reach Steve, will he be able to help?


Emotions are on the line in Janette Rallison’s hopeful story of wishes and love. Annika loves her brother so much and is willing to risk so much for him, despite knowing deep down that she might not be able to help him if the cancer proves to be deadly. Annika has grit. She manages to keep upbeat about her goal despite knowing the odds against her. I really enjoyed Annika’s character. She is spunky, filled with teenage know-it-all attitude, and has an edge of sarcastic humor to her. Jeremy has a warrior on his side when it comes to Annika. When finally face-to-face with Steve, she does not lose hope, just plows on with her plan, right or wrong. This book definitely has some serious overtones to it, but there is a layer of hope and faith that keeps the characters, particularly Annika, pushing forward. With innovative storytelling skills of her own, Annika is a protagonist readers will root for all the way. JUST ONE WISH is likable and appealing. Wishes do not always come true but Janette Rallison shows that any wish filled with hope, ingenuity, and resolve will win the day.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Sarah W


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