Just Partners

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: now available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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JUST PARTNERS is the perfect short story to give any erotica lover a quick fix.  With a steamy plot and a sexy setting, any romance lover is sure to sink right into this story. 

Lane Davis and Brice Cameron have been business partners for five years and best friends even longer.  They both always agreed to keep business and personal separate.  That was until six months ago when Lane fell right into Brice’s arms.  Not to mention, both being divorced a year ago leaves them both open to explore feelings.  But Lane is determined not to ruin a good business relationship or a great friendship no matter how much she fantasizes about Brice’s perfect body touching hers.

Brice has had enough.  It is time to see if the sparks that are flying between him and Lane are worth exploring.  Brice wants happily ever after and he is pretty sure that Lane is the woman to fit the bill.  Now he just has to convince her of that and what better place than at the exclusive resort, Diversions, where she will be taking her vacation.


WOW!  What a way to turn up the heat in a short amount of time.  Ms. Willows pulls no punches and hits you with the raw sexuality these two characters are feeling right off.  She takes a great plot, spices it up and hands it over in a tidy little package.  This is a definite must read for any erotica lover.  It was one story that I have read that’s been short, but definitely not lacking.  JUST PARTNERS is the perfect book for those looking for that short but satisfying erotica fix.

NOTE: This title is also available in the print anthology CAITLYN'S KISSES

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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