Just Peachy

Author: Jill Winters

Publisher: NAL Trade

Release Date: May 3, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Peach Kelley likes to think she brings a little brightness and cheer into her friends and coworkers' lives. She likes to help them with their problems and ensure that they are living life to the fullest. When Adam Quinlan starts working at Millennium Gift Basket Company, she's excited to get to know him. He's a shy cutie who seems like a great guy. And if there's a few sparks between them, well all the better in Peach's mind!

Adam really likes Peach. She's friendly, bubbly and just a plain peach to be around. In fact, Adam more than likes Peach but...he's sick of being in relationships. He wants some alone time, some time to be single without having to worry about the dating scene. But when their coworker Dennis disappears, Peach drags Adam into her scheme to find out just what happened to Dennis.


Dennis has always been disorganized and forgetful so what seems like a few missed days of work quickly turns into something much more. Peach is very worried about him and though she knows she shouldn't, she starts to investigate Dennis's disappearance. Adam agrees to help, and before they know it, they are discovering some things about not only their coworker, but about each other. The attraction between them is smoking and soon, neither can resist its potent force. But their investigation into Dennis's disappearance quickly becomes more dangerous, just as Adam starts to have second thoughts about Peach. Will he let the best thing in his life go? Will Peach be able to figure out where Dennis is?


JUST PEACHY features Peach Kelley, Lonnie Kelley's sister from PLUM GIRL. Peach is just as effervescent and sweet as her name suggests and her personality makes this story. Peach cares deeply for everyone in her life and if that means she has to meddle a bit to ensure their happiness, well, she's only doing it for their benefit. Ms. Winters pens a humorous and optimistic story that features a heroine who finds the silver lining in every situation. Pairing her with the more conservative and shy Adam proves to be a winning combination as they complement each other quite nicely.


Fans of Ms. Winters, who have been looking forward to Peach's story, won't be let down. This is an adventurous romance with an eclectic cast of characters and a loving and sometimes downright quirky romantic duo.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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