Just Perfect
By Nadine St. Denis
Nov 1, 2005 - 4:35:00 AM

Dr. Christine Ashton might look the part of a pampered princess, but she is one tough cookie.  Working in the ER is not for the faint of heart, which is why she is determined to overcome her fear of chairlifts, and kick her perfect at everything, brother's butt all the way down the mountain.  And if that means having to trust crazy Alec - then so be it.  At least he is completely yummy to look at, all tall and lean with blazing blue eyes that can melt the snow under your feet, and a smile that might just hint of trouble.

Alec Hunter might not care for teaching the rich and snobby how to ski, but the pay makes it worth his while.  His first glance at the tall icy blond, his new student, is making him stand up straight and take notice.  Once he gets to know the funny and fun loving woman behind the facade, he realizes that helping her overcome her fear of heights is not enough; in spite of the vast differences in their life-styles he wants her in his life, permanently.  Will the short time they have together on his beloved mountain be enough time to convince her that all her fears and insecurities can be conquered with the right person and a little trust?


Against the backdrop of black diamond runs, glistening snow and holiday cheer, two individuals come together and find out that they are not so different after all.  How strong is the power of love?  Both Alec and Christine are about to find out, and the ride might be filled with moguls, falls and fear, but once you reach the bottom; you realize that it was JUST PERFECT.


JUST PERFECT by the delightfully talented Julie Ortolon is the perfect book to pick up your spirits, make you laugh, and give you the courage to face your worst fears.  Watching these two perfectly matched individuals fall in love is a joy to behold.  I strongly encourage readers to pick up this enchanting novel!

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