Just a Whisper Away
By Brooke Wills
Jul 10, 2006 - 4:07:00 PM

It’s been fourteen years since Abbie’s seen Jace Rogan.  Apparently he’s still angry with her.  Well, not like he didn’t have a right to be.  Total opposites, she was the town banker’s daughter; he was definitely from the wrong side of the tracks.  And yet they’d shared a passionate relationship until her father caught them in the pool house.  Jace accused her of setting them up to make sure they were found.  But that’s all in the past.  Now Abbie is a successful West Coast attorney.  She’s only returned home to Pennsylvania for her father’s wedding.  And, well, there is that business of an ex-client stalking her, wanting her dead.  What better place to hideout than her small town, childhood home?

Jace Rogan has managed to turn his life around.  He and his brother now own and operate the highly successful lumber/logging business in town.  They’d had to build their company without the help of the local bank, but that was just fine with Jace.  He is surprised to find out that Abbie is back, and equally dismayed to discover their feelings for each other run as deeply as ever.  But he’s learned his lesson.  She might be sweet and soft on the outside, but that was just a cover.  But Abbie is in trouble, and while he’ll offer her his protection, that doesn’t mean he needs to give her his heart.


JUST A WHISPER AWAY is an exciting romantic suspense with the emphasis on the word “romance”.  Well-written, face-paced, with characters that are passionate and true-to-life, Lauren Nichols has delivered another well-written summertime read.

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