Quickies of Christmas - Just a little Magic
By Tara James
Jan 31, 2004 - 1:15:00 AM

What a Christmas Eve!! Beth Evans was expecting a marriage proposal and got a satellite dish instead; another relationship bites the dust. Beth decided to salvage the evening by exploring some sexy Christmas presents her friends had given her. All she needs now is someone to share them with.

Dominic Claus has discovered that being Santa Claus may not be his true calling. Stranded by his reindeer on the front lawn of Beth’s house, he discovers that he true talent may lay not in the delivery of toys but rather in their invention. All he needs now is a test subject.

Now Beth has a gorgeous guy claiming to be an elf to deal with. Her Christmas spirit has just about had it. Can Dominic find a way to show Beth that it truly is better to give then to receive?

JUST A LITTLE MAGIC is a great quick read. Filled with love, laughter and some unique little toys, this story is sure to please.  It was delightful to watch Beth struggle to overcome her disbelief in Dom’s family history. After all how many times does Santa’s head of research and development end up stranded on your front lawn on Christmas Eve? Kate Douglas has create a story that grabs you from the first sentence and leaves you dreaming of an elf of your very own, complete with a sack full of toys.

NOTE: this title is also available in the print title THE TWELVE QUICKIES OF CHRISTMAS - VOLUME 1

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