Just for You

Author: Jet Mykles

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: October 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Justin notices a beautiful man while walking down the street and falls in love literally at first sight. He runs after his dream man and begs him to for his name. The man seems amused but he is unwilling to tell Justin anything. Justin is nothing if not persistent and even as his friend is dragging him away Justin refuses to give up shouting out the address where he works in the futile hope his mystery man will seek him out.

Kevin is surprised and amused when he is accosted in the street by a man claiming to be in love with him, too bad Kevin is straight. At first Kevin doesn’t think anything of his amusing encounter but then he realizes that Justin could be just what Kevin needs to overcome a serious problem at work.


Kevin and his co-workers disapprove of how his boss is managing their projects. He knows he has some great ideas but no way to share them with the heads of the company unless he can get close to them away from work. He has managed to get an invitation to an exclusive gay club which he knows his bosses frequent but to get in and be convincing as a gay man he’ll need help. That’s where Justin comes in.


JUST FOR YOU by Jet Mykles is a light-hearted and diverting erotic romance. I had a lot of fun with this story. Justin is outrageous, hilarious and very appealing. He may be overly dramatic at times but it’s evident that he has a big heart and that he cares for Kevin very much. Kevin is also very likable but there were times I wanted to shake him. I was so happy when he finally came to his senses and realized his true feelings. The secondary characters are also interesting. Kevin’s boss Victor is particularly intriguing. I definitely want to know more about him and his past. I hope he will get his own story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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