Tempted by Her Boss (Renaldis Book 1)
By Jo
Jul 21, 2013 - 4:39:16 PM

TEMPTED BY HER BOSS was a quick read that was hot and steamy but also had romance and love, a big Italian family and was set in New York and in Italy.

Erickson's TEMPTED BY HER BOSS tells the story of the professional and personal relationship between Matteo, the billionaire and father of Mattie, and Paige, the nanny.  Their interactions were always emotional whether they were happy, sad, antagonizing or lusting after one another, fighting their chemistry, succumbing to their passion or just being with Matteo's large family.  There was laughter, lots of tears, seduction, lust, romance, love, business to attend to and lots of family to deal with too.  The descriptions of Italy made me feel I was there and I enjoyed the interactions between Matteo and his siblings and mother since it reminded me of my family - also Italian - and the conversations and actions were spot on in many cases.  I liked that there was a prologue and epilogue and the epilogue tied up a lot of loose ends and provided the closure I was hoping for.

This is the first book in the Renaldi Family series and I look forward to reading the others and being reunited with all the family members I met in book one. 

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