Author: Catherine Chernow

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release Date: October 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Discount store bigwig Jared Martin has every intention of building a MegaMart in the small town of Summersville. What he doesn't anticipate is the extreme opposition he receives from Kat Sullivan, a local shop owner, or the feelings he develops for the community and the spitfire who possesses the audacity to fight him.

Kat Sullivan is the proud owner of KISS (Kat's Incredibly Special Store). She takes great pride in the beautiful creations which she designs and sells at KISS. More importantly she’s able to use her store and creations to restore hope and a sense of femininity to women in dire need. She isn't about to allow anyone to step in and destroy everything she’s worked so hard for or the community that she loves.

Kat’s written tirade in a newspaper regarding Jared and his plans to build a MegaMart in Summersville produces unexpected results. Rather than ignore her challenge Jared shows up and confronts her at KISS. He fully intends to garner her support as well as the support of the rest of the townspeople and he's willing to do whatever he has to in order to win. Kat admits to herself that she's extremely attracted to Jared but he's the enemy so there's no way she's going to act on her feelings. She devises a plot that she's sure will prove to Jared that Summersville is not the place for MegaMart. Jared realizes that Kat is the sort of person that doesn't like any change whatsoever and if he's going to win her over it's going to be an uphill battle. He'll soon discover that Kat is more than just a business owner in the community, she's a well-loved pillar of the community. Jared rises to each challenge Kat throws his way but she's convinced there has to be a way to win - all she has to do is uncover whatever secrets she can find about Jared and threaten to expose it. Kat isn't without her own secrets either. What will happen when emotions explode and life as they've come to know it is threatened?

Catherine Chernow's KISS is an emotional read that is sure to capture readers hearts. I adored Kat and Jared's sense of right and wrong and their love and devotion to the people in their lives. The more I read the easier it became to understand Kat's need for her town to remain the same and I was actually brought to tears when she was forced to face the fact thatsome changes are necessary regardless of how she feels about it. Jared also had a touching story that really endeared him to me. Jared and Kat's relationship gets off to a rocky start but their passion for the community of Summersville and their attraction to each other combine and will quickly have readers praying that they'll find a happily ever after. I loved the emotional appeal of the secondary characters and how casually Ms. Chernow incorporates several devastating diseases to add a sense of realism to the storyline. There's even a character who lost her husband during 9/11. KISS will appeal to readers on many levels and incorporates a variety of emotions that will make it an unforgettable story you'll want to read many times.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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