Crazy For Kate

Author: Kelly McDonough

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: April 4, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Unlike most seniors, the caption next to Chris’ high school picture stated, “I just want to get married and have a family.”  Therefore, he was devastated when he discovered that he could never have children.  He has lots of experience with kids since he spends time with his eight sibling’s children.  Now in the construction industry, he spends most of his time working - without any social life.  He hasn’t dated anyone seriously since Maureen, his former fiancé, who dumped him when she discovered his inability to father children.  His oldest sister, Colleen, is desperate to get him back out in the social world again.  Being in charge of the church fundraiser, she volunteers Chris to help her. 

Kate is divorced and has two beautiful daughters with whom she loves to spend time.  Scott, her ex-husband, liked to hang out with the girls, too – just not his daughters.  His interest lies in dating various women, not in having a wife and babies.  Since their divorce, he sends money and presents, but makes no effort to see his daughters.  Fortunately, Kate is able to work from home so she can be there for her children.  However, as hard as she tries, she cannot be both mother and father to them.  Her job is with the church.  Therefore, when they needed volunteers for their fundraiser, she volunteered to run one of the booths.


When Kate’s booth is shorthanded, Chris volunteers to help her out.  After working with her for two nights, he knows he wants to get to know her better.  So he asks her and her girls out for ice cream.  Now, if he can just get her girls to accept him.  His experience with children - due to his nieces and nephews – should come in handy now.  However, Chris is afraid to divulge his inability to have children.  When her ex-husband suddenly develops an interest in the girls, Kate is terrified that her girls will get hurt.  After all, they do not even know him.  Fortunately, Chris is there to console her and she realizes how much the girls need a father figure in their lives.  Can Kate accept the fact that Chris cannot have children, or is he setting himself up for more heartache?


CRAZY FOR KATE is an entertaining read.  The reader can empathize with Chris and his desperation to have Kate and her girls in his life as well as his fear of being rejected again.  It is interesting to watch as they make a couple discoveries; 1) sometimes, you have to go through the bad to really appreciate the good and 2) the Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.  I recommend CRAZY FOR KATE to those who enjoy a romance with a message.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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