Hot and Bothered (Hot in the Kitchen, Book 3)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 19, 2014 - 12:55:21 PM

Jules Kilroy’s love life might be a mess but there’s no shortage of family and friends who are there to support her through each milestone of her life – including lending a hand when it comes to raising her son, Evan.  Jules is fine with accepting help when it’s needed but she wants more from life and her hormones are letting her know in no uncertain terms that they have been sadly neglected over the past few years.  She’s decided that it’s time to date again – and the men in her life aren’t exactly thrilled with that idea.  Fortunately, she’s a grown woman and fully capable of making her own decisions.

Taddeo ‘Tad’ DeLuca is quite proud of the wine bar he recently opened.  It’s been a long rocky road for him and while he knows it’s not exactly the route his parents would have encouraged him to take, it’s the right fit for him.  Also a right fit… his best friend, Jules.  He’s been at her side through all her difficulties, even held her hand while she was giving birth, and the only person she’s trusted enough with the fact that she has dyslexia.  Losing her friendship would devastate him, but the mere thought of another man touching her in any romantic fashion makes his blood boil.


Tad and Jules have enjoyed an easy friendship over the years.  He’s been privy to her dyslexia issues, man problems, and her fondness for cooking.  While others see her as just waltzing her way through life, he sees the tender, loving woman who has goals – just no clue how to go about achieving them.  It’s been relatively easy for him to relegate her to that ‘hands off’ category, but when she decides that it’s time to start dating again and even signs up at an online-dating site, Tad realizes that he could potentially lose the one woman who means the world to him… it’s definitely time to heat things up – and not just in the kitchen either.


HOT AND BOTHERED by Kate Meader turned out to be a surprisingly fun read.  Oh, I knew it would be romantically exciting but I hadn’t expected the infusion of humor and thought provoking insight into the characters’ lives.  At first I thought Jules was irresponsible but as the story progressed I began to understand her better and realized that she’s been sheltered her whole life.  HOT AND BOTHERED is about far more than the scorching romance between Jules and Tad; it’s about Jules building confidence in herself and Tad learning to forgive himself for perceived failures in the past.  They’re a great couple and I loved how they transition from friends to lovers – it’s full of hijinks and drama, but also plenty of love and good intentions.


HOT AND BOTHERED is the third title in Ms. Meader’s HOT IN THE KITCHEN series.  It’s definitely not necessary to have read the previous titles in order to enjoy this one, but you might want to check them out anyway.  I know I’ll be picking up copies of them.



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