Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me - Volume 4)
By Suzie Housley
Jun 10, 2013 - 6:06:18 AM

Eight years ago, Damian Orlando and Savannah Gentry shared a beautiful day by the sea making love.  When the day ended, the two parted and went their own separate ways.  Damian was unaware that the life he delivered Savannah back to was one that revolved around a sadistic father.  At a young age Savannah’s father had violated her body, and as she grew into an adult sold her to his high class business clients.

When Damian was unable to find work, he decided to join the Marine Corp.  After boot camp he found himself thrust into the heat of war in Afghanistan.   When one mission goes horribly wrong, Damian wakes up and a hospital and finds out that he lost a portion of his leg.

When Savannah learns that her one day of freedom with Damian results in an unplanned pregnancy, it gives her the courage to run away from her father.  She hides out in a Hispanic community under the new name of Savi Baker.  Under her new identity she manages to find a successful career and raise her daughter Marisol by herself.

Savi’s life is disrupted when her father learns of her location.  He sends one of his men to go and retrieve Savi and her daughter.  Savi manages to escape the madman and goes on the run with Marisol.  Not knowing where to go, she makes the decision to seek out the only person she feels will be able to protect her, Damian Orlando.

Damian was unaware that Savannah “Savi” had given birth to their daughter.  When they arrive at his door he knows that he must protect them at all cost.  He doesn’t want them to see him as less of a man and manages to hide his disability from them.

When Savi’s childhood memories resurfaces and threatens to destroy her, Damian introduces her to the Masters of Arms Club, which he owns with two other friends.  He hopes that the use of BDSM (Bondage, Dominance/submission, sadomasochism) —will help Savi come to terms with her past and will allow her to see a bright and happy future is within her grasp.  Will Savi be able to trust Damian enough to allow him to take control of her body? 

NOBODY’S PERFECT is by far one of the most emotionally riveting books this reader has ever experienced.  Ms. Masters has penned a dark and sultry tale that revolves around some deeply distributing topics.  Each scene she presents will tear away the reader’s hearts as they witness the heart wrenching suffering both characters have endured.  How they find one another and learn to trust in each other is one of the beautiful love stories that have ever been written.  With two such wounded souls this story is one unforgettable read.  Other titles in the RESCUE ME series include:

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