Take a Chance on Me
By Brooke Wills
Feb 16, 2004 - 2:00:00 PM

Leigh Peters has never forgotten Adam Bartlett, her high school sweetheart, and her first and only love. But she had dreams of going into the medical field, and with only her mother to help her she knew it would be a long trek. She had no room for a boyfriend to deter her from her aspirations.

Adam grew up in a loveless home. As an adopted child, he knew he was only wanted for the labor he could provide on the family ranch. He, too, had goals of his own, and they included Leigh. Adam had thought they were a team. But apparently she had other ideas, and when he received her terse note that they were over, he was devastated.

Ten years later, Adam's busy life changed in a matter of hours. Now CEO of his own successful software company, he is interrupted by a surprise visit from his biological father, a man he has never met. He finds out he has a young brother who is desperately ill and needs a bone marrow transplant. His father hopes that Adam will be a match; he is their last chance.

To add to a morning that has already brought head-reeling revelations, when Adam meets with the hospital's family contact liaison, he is stunned to see it is Leigh-the girl he-d lost so long ago. Once again though, it seems that she has goals that don't include him. But, as the days go by, Leigh and Adam discover their passion was not a short-lived high school fling, and that grown-up love is even better.

Karen Rose Smith's latest book, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, is a story of second chances, and is so wonderful. While it takes on a very sensitive subject, it is handled gently and with dignity. She has succeeded in bringing us characters that are human and real. An interesting twist to this special edition is much of the story is told from the Adam's point of view-something this reviewer found refreshing. It added so much depth to the story. The book starts with a bang, and keeps on going right through to the very satisfying ending. Karen Rose Smith is a master storyteller, and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is another example of her talents.

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