Another Man's Baby
By Billie Jo
Mar 1, 2008 - 9:02:39 AM

Darcy is a charming young woman who is pregnant and heading back to her hometown.  She finds herself in a precarious situation when her VW Bug slides off the icy road in the middle of a snow storm and she starts experiencing labor pains.  When Garrett, her savior, rescues her and offers his home, she is stunned to discover that he brings out feelings she should not be experiencing in her condition.  She envies his close family ties and the longer she stays with him, the harder it is for her to keep her love at bay.  Will Darcy tell Garrett she has fallen in love with him?  Or will she suffer a broken heart when honor proves to be stronger than love?

Garrett is an attorney that works within the hospital in his hometown and is practically engaged to a lovely woman he has been with for three years.  While driving home in the middle of a wicked snow storm, he encounters Darcy, who is in labor and stranded on the side of the road.  He carefully maneuvers her to the hospital and offers her a place to stay until she can get to her destination.  Only Garrett was not prepared for the crazy and passionate feelings that she elicits from him.  Will Garrett follow his heart and persuade Darcy that he loves her?  Or will he do his duty and marry the wrong woman?


ANOTHER MAN’S BABY is an award-winning fairy tale romance of the incredibly talented author, Kay Stockham.   The charismatic characters are entwined in a gripping plot that will have you turning the pages quickly to see what will happen next.  I chuckled at the easy bantering and sobbed like a baby throughout.   But more importantly, my heart soared at the lovely romance between two people who are perfect for each other.


I admire Darcy for the strength she possesses to make it through such difficult situations.  She is strong and yet unsure of what to do.  But she is determined to be a great mother.  Darcy falls hard for the sexy, yet untouchable, Garrett. 


Garrett is a charming and stubborn man who is caught between real love and a woman he admires.  I really enjoyed his “knight in shining armor” persona when it came to Darcy.   I also admired his fierce protection of his family.


If you are looking for a romance that will warm you from the inside out, then ANOTHER MAN’S BABY is one I highly recommend.   I look forward to reading more of Kay Stockham’s charming tales.


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