Blind Passion
By Suzie Housley
Feb 3, 2013 - 4:39:48 PM

Nicole Adkins has quickly become obsessed with her new neighbor Salvatore Lopez.  She does not let the fact that he is blind stop her from having exotic fantasies about him.  She sets up “chance” encounters to enable her to see him up close and personal.  With her apartment directly across from him she even gives him privileged shows at night, knowing that he can’t see her wickedness.

What Nicole doesn't count on is that Salvatore had the cornea surgery that allows him the ability to see.  His first night back in his apartment allows him to see the “show” that Nicole puts on for him.  Salvatore decides to take Nicole up on her offer to come to her apartment one night.  How will Nicole react to the fact that Salvatore can see? 

Kelli Scott has done an excellent job in writing BLIND PASSION.  Her story is very realistic for I can see this easily happening in real life.  BLIND PASSION provides a sexually pleasing encounter where two people meet, have sex, and then hope for the best.  This is the first book I have read by Kelli Scott and I was very impressed with her writing style.

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