Emmett’s Mill - A Man Worth Loving
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2009 - 9:41:29 AM

Since his beloved wife’s death six months ago Sammy Halvorsen has sunk into a world of self pity that no amount of family interference has been able to crack.  He’s spending all his free time in a drunken stupor tomcatting with any willing woman; all while leaving his infant son in the care of his sister-in-law rather than bond with the child his wife died to bring into the world.  Sammy’s aware that what he’s doing is wrong but to do otherwise would mean accepting his loss and that’s something he’s just not prepared to do.


Sammy’s mother isn’t about to let things continue as they have been.  She’s taken it upon herself to find Sammy a nanny to take care of little Ian and hopes that Sammy will come to his senses and realize that it’s not Ian’s fault that Dana died.  


Aubrey Rose is new to the Emmett’s Mill area and she met Mary, Sammy’s mother, at a Quilters Brigade meeting.  Aubrey has previous experience working as an au pair and she loves kids but after meeting Sammy and seeing his lack of emotion for his son she realizes that this situation may very well be more than she can handle.  She’s suffered her own heartache and is still coming to terms with her disappointment but walking away from Sammy and Ian is simply impossible.


Aubrey moved to Emmett’s Mill looking for a simpler way of life with real friends.  She was raised with all the finer things in life but never felt like she belonged, but here in this little town she’s found her niche.  Against her better judgment Aubrey agrees to be Ian’s nanny and almost immediately ends up butting heads with Sammy.  It’s bad enough that he refers to Ian as ‘the kid’ but returning home drunk with his conquest for the night is completely unacceptable.  Aubrey’s horrified by his behavior and takes him to task which only serves to anger Sammy until he realizes that she’s absolutely correct.  If Aubrey thought Sammy’s situation was the biggest problem she’d be facing she’s dead wrong.  Her mother and sister arrive in town unexpectedly and deliver some startling news that will have her questioning everything about her upbringing.  Sammy and Aubrey are hurting in their own individual ways but there’s an attraction between them that is becoming increasingly difficult to deny. 


Kimberly Van Meter adds yet another awesome story to her Emmett’s Mill line.  I have to admit to a special fondness for this line and the personable natures of the variety of characters I’ve met through each new book – and love that I had the opportunity to revisit them again.  A MAN WORTH LOVING throws the reader head first into the despair and self-destructive behavior that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.  There are definitely sparks between Sammy and Aubrey early on but there’s some self improvement and acceptance that needs to occur before either of them will be ready for any sort of romance.  One of the things I especially loved about this story is how all the characters are realistic – they all have their own personal baggage and yet with the support of friends and family they’re able to cope and become stronger.


Like the other books set in Emmett’s Mill Ms. Van Meter brings a genuine sense of community to the forefront and throws in interesting characters and issues that may lead to some rather interesting discussions and a better understanding of human nature.  What?  You want sparks, intense desire, lust?  Well, there’s that too but it’s the raw emotion that really brings A MAN WORTH LOVING to life.


If you’re looking for more information about Emmett’s Mill just stop by Ms. Van Meter’s website.  She has a whole page dedicated to info about this charming little town and the people who live there.

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