A Red Hot Mess (Short & Sassy)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 5, 2011 - 10:37:55 AM

Laurel Kenning is convinced her marriage material gauge is severely malfunctioning.  Her most recent disastrous relationship ended in a trip to the police station to report that her ex has stolen her fine china so maybe it’s time to give up the dream of a happily-ever-after and true love and settle on some scorching sex with no illusions of a trip down the aisle.  Under advisement of her friends Laurel decides to satisfy her naughtier side and engage in a little down and dirty, hot and heavy sex with a stranger.

Aidan doesn’t have time for romance. He’s too busy trying to keep Eagle’s Construction, which he and his twin brother inherited, from drowning under a mountain of debt.   That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have sexual desires which is why he agreed to accompany his brother Dutch to a local bar trolling for women even though he’s not entirely comfortable with the idea of a casual hookup, but even his scruples can’t resist the allure of a spunky red-head.


Aidan decides to approach the sexy red-head fully prepared to use all his charm and finesse to reel her in but much to his surprise her only concern is whether or not he has a condom.  Without even exchanging names she pulls him into a small, private room where she acts on every single one of her desires then with a smile and “see you around” disappears from his life.  Or that’s what the intention was but not entirely what happens.  You see, Laurel has bought a home and it needs some reconstruction so she’s hired Eagle Construction to do the job but is completely unaware that her sexual tryst partner is the one who will be arriving on her doorstep.  To make matters worse, Laurel’s younger sister Calliope’s latest antics have landed her on the outs with their mother and Calliope arrives on Laurel’s doorstep needing a place to stay.  With a sexy as hell contractor driving her libido crazy, rioting emotions, a sister in residence intent on seducing the contractor, friends with contradicting advice and a business to run Laurel’s life has become A RED HOT MESS in a very short period of time.  With a little creativity and plenty of soul searching Laurel just might find a way to salvage her sanity and obtain the happily-ever-after she’d given up on.


Laurel seems to be the poster child for Murphy’s Law.  It appears that anything that can go wrong does – and the results are hysterically funny.  A casual encounter with a stranger is so out of character for her and then to have that same man show up on her doorstep as her contractor is just the beginning of her troubles.  Throw in a sister hell bent on driving everyone crazy and you have the makings for a fun-filled dramatic read that is sure to delight readers.  Now that being said; there’s still plenty of emotional appeal and ‘growing up’ that takes place throughout the storyline as well as some red hot lovin’ that’ll stir your senses and warm your heart.   I’m definitely hoping for some follow up stories for Laurel’s friends Tansy and Alice as well as Calliope… and I’d really like to know what happened to Laurel’s no show client, George Stutten.


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