Mama Jo’s Boys, Book 1 – The Past Between Us
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 2, 2011 - 6:36:43 AM

For the past two years Cassandra ‘Cassi’ Amelia Nolan has assumed a variety of identities while collecting information that could prove her stepfather is guilty of murder.  Unfortunately her actions have also made her a fugitive of the law and thanks to her past actions it’s quite possible no one will believe that she’s innocent of everything she’s been accused of.  Her luck at evading capture has officially run out; childhood friend and FBI agent Thomas ‘Tommy’ Bristol has caught up to her – taking her in however, is a different story.

Tommy Bristol has always been a stickler for rules and just because he still harbors feelings for Cassi he’s not going to go against his ethics and let her get away with taking advantage of innocent people.  Catching up to Cassi has been no small feat; keeping her in custody proves even more difficult.  Tommy finds it difficult to imagine Cassi spiraling into this life of crime; especially since she grew up in such a life of privilege.  Fortunately Tommy’s smart enough to listen to Cassi’s side of the story and do a little investigating of his own and discovers that she just might be telling the truth.


While Tommy grew up under the loving care of his foster mom, Mama Jo, Cassi, for the most part, led a charmed life complete with everything money can buy.  They were the most unlikely of friends and yet they were inseparable until Cassi started running with a party crowd and using alcohol and drugs.   Now here they are, years later, seemingly at opposing ends of the law and each determined to see their own mission through to the end.  For Tommy, that means slapping cuffs on Cassi and hauling her in, Cassi is just as determined not to let that happen and uses every trick at her disposal to escape – including decking him.  It’s a battle of wills and Cassi is scared but as she continues to proclaim her innocence and explain her actions Tommy’s forced to admit that her story makes more sense than what he’s read in her file.  Tommy opts to help Cassi prove her claims but with so much time spent together, he has to admit he’s never gotten over his love for her.  Will he be able to let go of the past between them to move on to a future together – assuming that he can prove her innocent of the charges and help prove her stepfather, Lionel Vissher, is to blame.


Kimberly Van Meter’s eagerly anticipated series, MAMA JO’S BOYS, is here and it’s off to a rousing start with its first title THE PAST BETWEEN US.  Right from the beginning the sparks fly between Cassi and Tommy and drawn you into the storyline until you aren’t sure if you’re rooting for Cassi to escape him or you’re dreamily hoping that Tommy realizes his true love for Cassi and forgets all about his duty.  In any case, as a reader you’ll be riveted to the story as it unfolds and fall in love with Tommy, Cassi and even Mama Jo.  There’s just no way you can’t love the feisty woman who raised three troubled youth into fine men and isn’t afraid to take them to task now either.  THE PAST BETWEEN US is one of those stories that can make you smile as your heart breaks – and love every second of the experience. 


After reading THE PAST BETWEEN US, you’ll certainly want to make sure to mark your calendar or even preorder the next two titles in this series:

A CHANCE IN THE NIGHT – April release



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