Author: Peg DeMarco

Publisher: Electric e-Book Publishing

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: Print

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Skyler Sinclair, rich and spoiled meets the dashing, devil-may-care cousin of her best friend and her life is never the same. She's smitten at first sight and will do anything to be with him. Meeting Royce has forced daddy's little girl to grow up fast.  Used to having her own way, can Skyler accept Royce's need to be his own man?


Royce Chandler is the younger of two brothers, while Kyle is the sensible, mature one; Royce prefers to live life to the fullest. Everyone except Skyler knows that Royce is a scoundrel of sorts and Kyle's the dependable one, but are they all that they seem to be?  Hoping to escape the type of marriage his parents had, Royce flees from commitment...that is until he meets the irresistible Skyler.  Never one to let his heart get involved, Royce has no say in the matter when it comes to Skyler. Will he keep running or has he found the one woman who can help him find peace?


Kyle fell in love with Skyler the moment he laid eyes on her when she arrives in Kano to be with Royce. What measures will he take to get her for himself and will he succeed?


KANO is a simply written tale of love, lost and betrayal. It is the kind of book you'll want to read when you have some time to kill and looking for some easy entertainment.  The characters are not complex and are easy to like, even the villain will have you feeling some amount of pity.  Secondary characters add some depth to the story and I especially enjoyed the interaction between Linda and Adrian.


Ms. DeMarco's writing style is easy and flows well. She has the ability to take you into her story to the point where you can actually see and feel what is happening at times.  If you like your romance with a little bit of intrigue, KANO is for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jessica

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