Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance
By Grace
May 6, 2004 - 7:29:00 AM

KATE WALKER'S 12 POINT GUIDE TO WRITING ROMANCE is well worth the monetary investment.  A must-have for aspiring authors.

I found this book insightful, well-organized, and highly effective as a self-teaching tool.  At each of the twelve points, Ms. Walker explains the concept, illustrates examples, and provides excellent exercises to practice what she is teaching.  However, I found it useful to apply the concepts to my current manuscript immediately.


Every writer will take away a different nugget of inspiration from this book, according to what concepts she strives to improve at any particular point in her career.  I found the chapter on conflict particularly useful.  Ms. Walker hit on precisely what I needed to hear.  I dislike conflict in any form, and my manuscripts show it.  With the help of the 12 POINT GUIDE, I constructed a conflict for my new work that will sustain the action throughout the story.  I trust that feedback on my latest work will not include the comment 'contrived plot elements' because I have a strong enough conflict to carry the plot.


I highly recommend this guide to writing romance.  There is no better advice for the cost.

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