Awakening Desires - Katie's Art of Seduction
By Nickie Langdon
Aug 8, 2005 - 8:55:00 AM

Cain Benjamin is a wealthy man who is scarred both inside and out.  His life has a new meaning when he sees a painting in a coffee shop window that leaves him breathless.  The painting becomes an obsession with him.  He believes that owning the painting will lead to meeting the artist, which he is determined to do.  The erotic dreams he has at night about the woman in the painting cant possibly compare to having the real woman in his arms.

Katie Wallace works for her friend, Lucas, at Coffee Breaks.  Her hours allow her time to spend on her paintings.  Lucas convinces her to display some of her artwork in the windows of the shop.  She's hesitant, but Lucas finally convinces her.


Katie is torn between being very upset and excited when Lucas tells her he's sold her self-portrait.  His opinion is that if she's good enough to display them, they're good enough to sell.


Cain's scars keep him from personally meeting the artist.  He keeps to the shadows as she walks home at night and allows Gabriel, his wolfhound to escort her.  He's both delighted and jealous that she and the wolfhound become friends.


When Cain and Katie finally meet be ready for the fireworks.  Their coming together is explosive.  He learns what real love can be.  Katie sees beyond his scars to the man he is, and will become, because of their love.  The road is rocky and there are periods when she wants to strangle him. 


KATIE'S ART OF SEDUCTION is the first book in Ms. Walter's AWAKENING DESIRES series.  She brings her characters, both main and secondary, to life and they steal your heart.  This book is aptly titled because Katie's art does seduce.  I highly recommend it.  It will definitely stay on my keeper and re-read shelf.

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