Keep Me Safe: Slow Burn, Book 1
By pamelalynne
Mar 16, 2015 - 5:57:05 PM

Caleb Devereaux never dreamed he would find himself asking a woman who calls herself a psychic for help. Unfortunately, his missing sister warrants it as he feels he has exhausted all other options. Caleb gets the help he needs and when he witnesses Ramie in action, he realizes that she is the real deal. Feeling horrible for forcing her to help him, Caleb promises to return the favor if she ever needs anything.

A year later, Ramie is in a tough spot. Her connection to a killer is getting the best of her. He has been torturing her for far too long and she is tired of running. Ramie is determined to make a stand, but first she needs to call in on a debt owed to her. Can Caleb help her put an end to her psychic stalker, or has she unwittingly placed him in danger as well?

Author Maya Banks can write a romance like nobody's business. KEEP ME SAFE pulled me in from the first page. Ms. Banks attention to detail is fabulous, her characters are fascinating and relatable, and her plotline is thrilling. Caleb and Ramie have an instant attraction, but do not act on it right away. The tension builds between them until finally the flames eat them alive. KEEP ME SAFE had me on edge until the very end. It is a fast-paced book with plenty of intrigue.

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