Kidnap and Kink – A Taboo Wishes Story

Author: Brynn Paulin

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release Date: June 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jenna Marks felt safe that she wasn’t overheard when she whispered her secret fantasy of being ‘kidnapped and forced’ to her friend Mira.  After all, the only other person in the coffee shop was immersed in his computer and wearing headphones so her secret is safe, right?  It’s not like it would ever happen anyway, that’s why it’s called a fantasy!    

Rob Colvin is the owner of The Dungeon, a local alternative lifestyle club and he happened to be fortunate to overhear Jenna’s fantasy.  The headphones are just a deterrent to keep people from bothering him while he works on his books for the club.  Rob’s had his eye on Jenna for quite some time and he’d consider it his pleasure to make her fantasy come true, but in actuality he desires more – much more.


Jenna’s fantasy will definitely be risky for Rob, after all, she doesn’t know him and he certainly isn’t interested in becoming a resident of a prison, but he has no doubt that she is a submissive and ideal for him.    Jenna lives in the same apartment complex as his brother Braydon so he knows exactly where she lives and where the idea place to kidnap Jenna from would be.  He’s a bit concerned about how she’ll react when her fantasy becomes a reality.


Jenna’s terrified when she’s accosted by a stranger in her complex garage but the man assures her that he knows her secret fantasy and wants to give it to her.  She assumes that it’s a set up by her friend Mira.  For some reason Jenna feels safe with him and agrees to go with him.  Rob has a weekend to show Jenna that she’s exactly what he desires in a submissive.  Of course there’s the little issue of her weight.  Rob feels that she’s entirely too skinny and as her Master it’ll be his pleasure to reintroduce her to the pleasures of food as well as her submissive nature.


Imagine how you’d respond if you had an opportunity to live out your most desired fantasy.  In Brynn Paulin’s KIDNAP AND KINK readers get to experience the excitement and mixed emotions that go along with having something you never thought would actually happen to you become a reality.  Jenna and Rob complement each other beautifully but with a relationship this new there are bound to be conflicts and misunderstandings.  There’s a surprising amount of trust Jenna shows Rob as his submissive but all the trust in the world isn’t going to make their relationship perfect.  KIDNAP AND KINK is a passion filled read that might just make you a bit envious of the opportunity Jenna’s received.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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