By Sarah W
May 1, 2006 - 9:08:00 PM

Natalie Winters has had it with men. She's just discovered that her boyfriend has a wife and, to top it all off, her boyfriend has fired her from her job. Natalie attributes all her bad luck with men to her high school boyfriend Brice Lowell, the first guy to break her heart. When Natalie discovers Brice is back in town, she's angry, confused, and a bit nervous. When she gets invited to the big bash he's throwing, Natalie is very reluctant to attend, but her best friend finally convinces her otherwise. All dolled up, Natalie is ready to make Brice eat his heart out.

Brice Lowell is ecstatic when he sees his high school tutor and true love, Natalie Winters at his party. She's the one who he tossed away, thinking it was for her own good. Now he wants her to see that he's a respectable and wealthy businessman. He wants to make a good impression and win her heart once more, but Natalie makes that hard to do. Despite the renewed chemistry they share, Natalie doesn't want to go back. She's had too much trouble with men as it is and now all she wants is a little time to get away and think about her future. Brice knows this may be his only chance to show Natalie that his love for her is strong and true, so, he kidnaps her.


A strong romance and two hot-headed characters make KIDNAPPED pure fun from the get-go. As much as Natalie longs to be immune from Brice, her heart still pines for him. Watching her emotions go out of whack is pure hilarity, but it's also poignant. There's a healthy balance of sweet sparring and heartfelt emotions in KIDNAPPED to keep your attention on the characters and story. A few other twists and turns help to ratchet up the tension not only between the protagonists but also between Brice and some of the secondary characters. Michelle Libby has written a moving yet merry love story that explores the difficulties and the wonders of re-exploring old relationships.

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