Killer Charms
By Dottie
Sep 1, 2008 - 11:27:23 AM

Andre Darling is a detective in Vice.  She comes from a long and illustrious line of detectives, including her grandfather, father and two brothers.  However, she is the only female in that line.  She longs to get out of Vice and into the highly coveted Homicide Division where, perhaps, she can make a name for herself. 

Logan Sinclair is a Scot who was raised in a world full of women; a doting mother, several aunts, two younger sisters and a grandmother.  He claims to be a clairvoyant.  However, though he has the gift, he shut out the voices in his head after indirectly causing his parents’ and his sisters’ deaths on his nineteenth birthday.  He has not been back to see his grandmother since that fateful day due to his feelings of shame and guilt.  Now he and his friend Ollie have traveled to the States to see a wealthy widow Drew Mochrie, who wants them to send her dead brother on into the light.


Andie is thrilled when her boss gives her the assignment of bringing down Logan Sinclair.  She does not believe in second sight, so she is determined to prove this clairvoyant is a con.  Andie sets up an accidental meeting by appearing to be broken down on the road as Logan leaves Drew’s home.  Reluctantly accepting a ride with him as Andrea Devon, the hook is set.  Did Logan have to be so handsome?  Feeling strongly attracted to him only makes her job harder.   As she gets to know him and tries to find evidence against him, her boss increases the pressure by blackmailing her.  She is to make up evidence against Logan if there is none to be found while her boss holds perfectly innocent though suggestive looking pictures against her, which could damage her career.  As if that is not bad enough, whenever she falls asleep, a ghost tries to contact her and she wakes up in tears.  How is Andrea going to find her way out of this mess?  She believes she is falling for Logan and she is discovering that he may not be what he seems to be.  How can she help the ghost, especially since she does not even believe in them?


Sizzling hot and delightfully clever, KILLER CHARMS is definitely a winner!!  Brimming with snappy dialogue, intrigue, a suspense-filled plot, charismatic characters, steamy love scenes, romance and touches of the paranormal interspersed throughout the story with ghosts popping up here and there, this is a story that will be loved by readers of various genres.  I was intrigued as the new romance in this book was used as a means of communication for an old romance, which has withstood the hands of time.  I love all of Ms. Marianne Stillings’ books.  However, I definitely believe she has surpassed the others with this one.  KILLER CHARMS has found a place on my keeper shelf and I look forward to her future works though I do not believe this one can be beat.

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