Killer Curves
By Bea Sigman
Jan 13, 2005 - 1:07:00 PM

He only has one speed, FAST and he doesn’t plan on slowing down at all. Bad boy NASCAR driver Beau Lansing is on a mission when he shows up in NYC. Travis Chastaine is more than the owner of the car Beau drives, he’s his closest friend and Beau will do whatever it takes to save his life. Including hunting down his long lost daughter and convincing her to donate one of her kidneys to save her father’s life.

Celeste Bennett knew from the moment she saw Beau Lansing in the diner that things were about to change. For many years now Celeste has wondered about the man who is her father and looking for that place where she truly belongs, but she doesn’t plan on showing up in Florida as Travis’s long lost daughter and coughing up one of her organs. She wants to get to know the man her own way, and what better way to find out all about him then going incognito and becoming part of the racing world. Sparks fly and the tension heats up when someone attempts to scare off Celeste and tries to take Beau out of the racing game for good. The truth has to be found before they can share the secrets they are hiding from everyone else. The ride gets wild the closer they get to the truth and pretending to be engaged only has them falling further in love with each other. But is what they have the real thing or just a track fling?

Grab on to your seat because once you open the cover of this book, KILLER CURVES will take you on the ride of your life. You don’t have to be a NASCAR lover to fall head over heels for this story. Beau, Celeste, and Travis will steal your heart and have you cheering them on with their unique personalities. Beau is that perfect hero that makes your knees weak, and Celeste’s spunk makes her no push-over heroine. This book has the perfect combination of suspense, intrigue and romance will have you glued to your seat, gripping the edge, and melting into a pool of lust until the very last page. Roxanne St. Claire has you feeling like you’re right there at the track, the excitement of race day pulsing through your veins and the sexual pull you will get from wanting that oh-so-sexy driver. This is one book I can read over and over again and never tire of it. Kudos Ms. St. Claire, KILLER CURVES is a first place winner with this reviewer.

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