Killer Curves
By Sarah W
Oct 1, 2008 - 9:24:55 AM

Carrie Martin-Salem was in a bad relationship with her race car driver husband, Mark. Though he died three years ago, Carrie still has trouble getting over how badly their relationship ended. However, she is ready to try dating again. Just as she makes a date with a local man who has been pursuing her, a spontaneous visit from a man from her past makes her giddy.

Race car driver J.T. Sims has never forgotten his friend Mark’s widow, Carrie. J.T. always longed for the lovely and sweet woman and he decides it is time to make his intentions known, even three years down the road. When he shows up, sparks fly. But is Carrie ready to let go of the guilt and fear she still feels surrounding Mark’s death? Can J.T. show her that love is what she is missing in her life?


KILLER CURVES is a delicious and sexy read! J.T. shows Carrie just what she has been missing from her life. He is passionate, affectionate and quite clear about what he wants from their new relationship. J.T. wants Carrie as his wife, his friend, his companion in the future. I found that even sexier than all the intimacies they shared. J.T. was definitely a bit of a player and it took him awhile to finally understand what he wanted, but once he realized he was missing Carrie from his life, he made his move. Regina Carlysle did a good job of showing Carrie and J.T.’s relationship evolve in a short time. This is a compact story but it does not show in the relationship. KILLER CURVES is a fun read! Carrie and J.T. have a nice rapport and trust in each other, and that is the best kind of love.

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