Killer in High Heels
By Nadine St Denis
Mar 5, 2007 - 12:13:00 AM

Maddie Springer never in a zillion years thought she would ever hear from her deadbeat Dad.  When he sped off to Vegas with a showgirl named Lola, back when she was child, she thought that was it.  Now she is stunned, and can’t believe what she hears on his message!  Was that a gunshot in the background, or something less sinister?  Even though she has some major issues with dear old Dad, he did ask for her help, and it sounds like he could be deadly trouble.  Grabbing her favorite heels, best friend, and a gay chauffeur she heads to Sin City.  The kind of trouble she finds on and off the strip is of a proportion that not even this always-in-a-pickle amateur sleuth could dream up!

Finding herself flung into the midst of drag queens, crazy friends, the mob, one persistent stalker, and a killer is proving a bit much for Maddie to handle.   When she runs into, quite by chance, the same rugged LAPD cop who has been occupying far too much of her thoughts, it definitely complicates things.  And just what the heck is he doing pretending to be a bouncer in a seedy bar?  How will this creative shoe designer balance staying alive and trying to keep the hunky but very perceptive Rameraz on a need-to-know-only basis?


KILLER IN HIGH HEELS is a humorous, delectable romp you won’t want to miss!  The very funny Maggie will keep you in stitches and guessing as to what could possibly happen to her next.  The various characters she encounters add spice and wit, and the mouth-watering cop provides the passion we want to read about.  Mix in the fast-paced, action filled story and you have a very delightful way to spend an evening!

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