Killing Time
By Bea Sigman
Aug 4, 2004 - 3:55:00 PM

The town is buzzing about the filming of Killing Time In A Small Town, a reality TV show.  It might be the perfect thing to help Mick Winchester, town bad boy, to get out of the funk he is in.  But Mick is in for a dose of reality himself when none other than his ex-girlfriend, Caroline, walks in the door of his real estate office looking for a place to rent.  Caroline is the one woman he truly loved, but she left him for a bigger city to make a name for herself.  Mick has never let another woman close to him since and has been hiding out in his hometown, playing it safe and keeping things simple.

If this reality TV show is a success, then it could make Caroline Lamb's career move up a big step from assistant producer to producer.  Nothing will keep her from making sure that it is successful either, including her ex-boyfriend, Mick, so she vows to avoid him.  With all of the cast and crew staying in the small town, places to stay are few and far between, so when Caroline realizes the room she rented is in Mick's house, her plans to avoid him go right out the window.


Staying in the same house plays havoc on both Mick and Caroline's nerves.  They both are still highly attracted to each other, lighting sparks every time they get together.  But keeping their hands to themselves soon comes to an end, and Mick and Caroline are making up for lost time.  When a real murder takes place on the set of the show, Mick realizes he cares about Caroline more than he realized so he sticks to her like glue to make sure no harm comes to her.  Caroline can't believe how well the show is going and how much help Mick is around the set with the locals. So when there is a real murder, she doesn't mind having Mick close by.  Her life is in a big city, with her career moving upward and Mick is a small town guy, who thrives in his atmosphere.  When the show ends, will their renewed love affair end also?


Leslie Kelly has written another amazing story.  KILLING TIME is not only romantic, but funny with a twist of mystery.  The secondary characters are just as interesting as the main ones, making the book a real page turner that you won't be able to put down.  There were many times I found myself chuckling or cheering on one of the characters.  Ms. Kelly delivers a book that is sure to satisfy any romance reader and is a definite must read for the summer.  I look forward to catching up with Jacey and Digg from the story in, MAKE ME OVER, that will come out in December.

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