By Bella Marie
Jan 9, 2007 - 3:00:00 PM

WATCH ME by Sasha White

Bethany Mack loves her husband. And what’s not to love? Grant is thoughtful, caring, kind, and hotter than Hades. But there’s something missing from their relationship. They used to make love all the time in all kinds of spontaneous places, but recently Grant has been so preoccupied with work that poor Beth is often left alone—and lonely. Grant seems all but oblivious to the lack of heat interfering with their wedded bliss, while Beth is frustrated beyond belief. Aggravated and horny, Beth begins to indulge her exhibitionist side by showing off for other men. When Grant finds out what’s been going on, will that be the end of their relationship, or will he finally come to realize that Beth needs more than he’s been giving her?

In WATCH ME, Ms. White brings readers a wonderfully engaging tale of a married woman whose husband isn’t fulfilling all her needs. Though she obviously adores him, she begins to look for her pleasure elsewhere. Although Ms. White treads a fine line in this novel, her heroine never steps over the edge into unredeemable territory. Instead, she remains fully likeable throughout, and her frustration and aggravation with her husband make her easy to relate to. Grant is also easy to like. As a man who would do anything to please his wife, he’s endearing. He’s also a little dense and doesn’t pick up on subtle hints, which make him a fully believable real man. Overall, this is a fun story perfect for a quick escape. Ms. White sure knows how to write an adventurous romp and take readers along for the ride!


The sexual energy filling the air at Clayton Warren’s rock concert is palpable. It thrums through Kelly Burton, bringing with it a heightened awareness of everything around her. Emboldened by the passionate frenzy of the rock fans, Kelly slips backstage to grab an autograph from Clayton for her friend who couldn’t make it to the concert. She’s not quite sure what to expect behind the scenes, but finding Clayton in the arms of another man sure isn’t what she had in mind! Flustered, Kelly tries to make a quick getaway, but lands herself squarely in the powerful arms of bouncer Tommy Sampson. He seems intent on punishing her for getting past him and witnessing Clayton’s secret, but rather than being terrified, Kelly finds herself more aroused than she’s ever been. Can one little slip-up set the stage for a fulfilling relationship? Kelly’s about to find out.

The second story in KINK delivers just what the title promises—and much, much more! Ms. Walker is undoubtedly one of the queens of erotic romance. She writes steamy, sensual scenes with enough passion and uniqueness to scorch the pages. Her characters are multi-dimensional, with real fears, wants and needs. Ms. Walker does a great job of blending the theme of this two-story anthology with real genuine emotion and a fulfilling plot. The dialogue rings true, and as the story progresses, Kelly and Tommy become even more likeable as they discover things about one another and about themselves that they never expected. From the very first page, the story captivates, bringing readers fully into the rock concert setting and imbuing the atmosphere with that same level of sensual energy that lasts until the very end.

For two different, highly enjoyable stories sure to satisfy any fan of erotic romance, look no further than KINK. Ms. White and Ms. Walker take a common theme and make it their own, with delightful results.

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