Kinky Girls Do
By Amanda Haffery
Jul 10, 2007 - 2:38:35 PM

Your Attention Please


Angela is a stripper and as a stripper, she knows just how to grab a man’s attention. The only man’s attention Angela wants to grab is Darren’s. They’ve had a thing going for a while now. Darren shows up to watch her dance and gets totally hot and bothered. After Angela leaves the stage, it’s Darren in charge. Darren knows exactly how to take care of his woman, and push her to her limits too.


Your Attention Please was quite an attention grabber. Although this story doesn’t rely heavily on the romance aspect, the passion between Angela and Darren left this reader convinced there was more between them than just good sex. Angela is one hot cookie, strutting her stuff all over the stage. Although women don’t do it for me, I could relate to Angela’s appeal to Darren. Darren was totally sexy and dominant. These two characters were a great match and I like to imagine they had a happily ever after.


Chasing Her Dream


Lydia just got dumped. She wanted a little more dominance out of him so he left her. When Lydia ’s best friend Shawn shows up at her door to comfort her, Lydia finds more than solace in this hunk's arms. Shawn has no problem being dominant for Lydia and when Lydia submits, these two are going to spontaneously combust. Will Lydia get her happily ever after with the one man who’s meant for her?


Chasing Her Dream was exquisite. I completely believe that these two were meant to fall for each other. They were exactly what the other person needed. This story without a doubt left me believing in love. Lydia was such a sweet and innocent character and Shawn just swept her off her feet. Shawn is an erotically charged character who really knows how to take charge. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes erotica with some major feelings involved.


Bound In Love


Yvette has recently been raped. She’s scared to death to tell her husband so she sees a psychiatrist instead to get over what happened to her. During their sessions, Yvette confesses to the fact that her husband wants her to be more submissive. He wants to be able to dominate her by tying her up and spanking her. She’s scared to let him do it because of the way she was attacked. The idea of her husband and her playing around this way is a huge turn on for Yvette so she’s willing to go any distance to do this for her husband. Will Yvette be able to get past what happened to her and fulfill her husband’s fantasies?


Bound In Love was a very heart-felt story. Although it’s about dominance and submission, there’s a lot of love involved in the storyline. I could sympathize with Yvette for everything she went through and I applauded her determination to get past what happened and take a chance on her trust for her well-being with her husband. This is truly a story of hope for victims of rape, it send the message that sometimes you just need to be with someone who completely loves you to move forward. This story is just as sexual as the others but to me it had an amazing happily ever after. Very high praise to Ms. Houston for writing so eloquently about such a touchy subject matter.


All About Trust


Melissa has been through her share of men, but none of them have been dominant enough for her. She needs someone who can take more control of her in the bedroom. Set up by a mutual friend, Melissa meets Gregory. This man brings everything Melissa needs into the bedroom: blindfolds, erotic toys and whips. Melissa is in Heaven with Gregory. Are these two headed for a forever after kind of relationship?


All About Trust is cute, erotic and fast-paced. This was a very good ending to this collection of dominance and submission. Melissa meets her match and gets exactly what she wants from Gregory. Not so much a romance, All About Trust is geared totally to those who enjoy the BDSM stage. There’s no love really, but the sex was exquisite. The story leaves the readers wondering if down the road these two will live happily ever after though, which I liked a lot.


KINKY GIRLS DO is an excellent collection of short stories all about dominance and submission. Ms. Houston does an excellent job in portraying her women. I was so worried when I started reading that the girls would come across cheap and easy, however, it was quite the opposite. These women were amazing, each of them going after exactly what they wanted in a relationship. Even though not all of them had a happily ever after guarantee, this reader could tell they were completely happy the way they were at the time. Ms. Houston always manages to grab this reader and not let her go until the very end and the same held true for me with KINKY GIRLS DO. This is one of the rare books that I’ve read that I had hoped could go on forever. All of the female characters were strong and it was great to see them in a submissive role. The men were very powerful and I sure wouldn’t say no to their every want. Each storyline was incredibly riveting and I just devoured this book. Every book I read from Ms. Houston just gets better and better for me and I cannot wait to read more from her very soon.

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