Kinky Kruising: Mistress Mine

Author: Lyn Cash

Publisher: Total E-bound

Release Date: April 21, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Robert Clay Jones was awakened by a stiletto heel on his chest and a black riding crop caressing his forehead.  He thought he was hearing things, but his mind was a little fuzzy at the moment.  She told him to lick her toes.  R C had rather use his tongue on something else as she stood over him.  As the room continued to spin, he found that he couldn't move his body or his head.  The woman standing over him asked if he liked what he saw and what would he like to do with her in return. R C said, 'Babe' His imagination was running rampant from there. She called him slave and he looked bewildered.  Where was he?  How did he get in this predicament? 

Mistress April Lyons is a beautiful, redhead, well-stacked, long legs, and green eyed lady.  She told the others in the room to get him sobered up and dressed in the appropriate attire. R C said don't bother moving him, so that he may enjoy this beautiful dream.  Mistress April smiled.  RC tried moving on his own but to no avail his limbs wouldn't obey his commands. Even his words were slurring.  He couldn't understand why this beauty kept calling him, 'slave'.  He started asking questions and explaining what he was doing before he arrived.  Mistress April kept hitting him with the riding crop. R C felt the sting each time and told her to stop.  She said give me the 'safe word'.  Mistress April turned towards the door and gave him thirty minutes to be ready for the next session. 


As R C was being escorted to his temporary room while aboard the ship, his head started clearing. April was there and started telling him what to do.  He started to protest and wanted answers.  Finally answers started coming from April: how he got to the ship, how long he was going to be there, and what was to be expected of him.  R C knew he'd been set up and who the culprits were.


Does R C finally come to terms with his situation?  Will he submit or be the dominator?


As you read KINKY KRUISING: MISTRESS MINE by Lyn Cash, you'll never look at cruising the same way.  As you roll with the flow on this giant kinky love ship, you'll experience submission and domination like never before.  So start booking your reservations now before all the sessions are taken.  As for this reviewer, I've booked my cabin for the installment of this series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Connie Spears

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