Kinky Kruising: The Big O
By Connie Spears
Nov 1, 2005 - 10:10:00 PM

Chesney and Orlando were in the cabin getting ready for the night’s event, Honeymooner’s Gala, and putting on their costumes, fetish wear.  Orlando was complaining about not having his own clothes and having to use Tim’s clothes.  The shirts were to small for his physique and the jeans being a little too breezy for his comfort. Orlando couldn’t do a damn thing about any of it.  As they talked over the things that happened at the wedding, they began to realize what Janet and Tim did.  Tim, groom, and Janet, bride, had set up Chesney and Orlando by staging a disagreement at the church, deciding not to go on the honeymoon cruise, and switching the luggage on them.

Deciding to make the most of it, Chesney and Orlando were going to enjoy this cruise.  Chesney had some ideas of what this cruise was about, but Orlando didn’t have any idea what he was to do or get into.  Orlando was going to have to play submissive by wearing a dog collar and nipple clamps.  Chesney was so looking forward to sharing a cabin with Orlando, man of her wildest dreams.  She was a woman of full-size and didn’t mind wearing the skimpy outfits.


Orlando started thinking about Tim and Janet. What kind of things were they into?  Chesney explained that Janet had told her Tim like to play with certain toys and get involved with the kinky stuff.  Orlando was shocked.  He walked over to Chesney, deciding that they might as well make the best of the situation, since they were stuck together.  She told him maybe it was meant for them to be together.  Orlando apologized for his rudeness and taking it out on her.  Chesney said that she could handle anything he dished out.  Then she did the unthinkable, she kissed him through his jeans. Orlando said don’t flirt with me or you’ll be playing with fire, little girl!


 Lyn Cash has another hit on her hands with KINKY KRUISING: THE BIG O.  You are going to fall in love with Orlando and Chesney.  This is a hands-on training cruise.  Be prepared to get down to some serious whip-cracking, do-as-I-say, hand-cuffing, and do me baby business.  I love this series from Lyn Cash.  Highly recommended.

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